Martu, The Shining Dragon

Played By Rizban
(DR:5, Evo:2) Wizard 4/Psion 6/Cerebremancer 10/Avangion Dragon 6
Symbol: A sunburst of gold, silver, and copper, a burning eye in the center
Home: Temple Elysium, on Hope.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Domains: Metallic Dragon, Good
Portfolio: Metallic Dragons
Favored Weapon: Longsword

Martu is the foremost dragon amongst all dragonkind. He was the first to receive the Blessing of Dragonkind from Minrhet. Granted the powers of Avangion by Minrhet, he created the Avangion Dragons, known more commonly amongst mortals as Metallic Dragons dues to the glittering sheen of their scales which arises from the psionic energy which courses through them. Martu's ultimate goal is to spread dragon kind across the world and bring worship of Minrhet, and himself, to all peoples.

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