Minrhet dragon

Minrhet, The Scorching Heat

Played By Rizban
(DR:11, Evo:2) Wizard 3/Psion (Kineticist) 7/Cerebremancer 10/Arch Defiler 8/Athasian Dragon 10
Symbol: A sunburst of crimson, a burning eye in the center
Home: The Burning Cavern in the Western Desert of Conviction
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Domains: Sand, Dragon, Mind, Dance of Decay, Evil
Portfolio: Deserts, Dragonkind, Psionic Creatures, Deterioration
Favored Weapon: Scimitar
Brief Description:
Minrhet is the younger brother of Solaron, born momonts after him in the Heart of the Sun. Where Solaron shines with the light of the sun, Minrhet burns with its fire. He followed his brother down into the world, staying just behind him, his form naught but the shimmering of air from the heat of the sun. His brother, being born first, is the rightful heir of the Sun, and as such, Minrhet will serve his brother as is necessary. He too desires to purge the world of shadows and darkness, but he does not have the same lofty ideals of Solaron.
While he shares a the goal of eliminating darkness from the world with Solaron, his methodology is entirely different. He teaches his followers the value of strength, endurance, and the mercy of swift death. He believes that the best way to eliminate the darkness infesting the world is to destroy all places in which the darkness may hide, transforming the land into desert in his wake. He teaches his followers to live in harmony with one another to survive the harsh existence of the desert sands, but he also teaches them to war with those who would harbor darkness in their hearts, scorching them with the heat of sun should light be found absent within them.
Solaron is the idealist, the leader, and the teacher. Minrhet is the cynic, the doer, and the executioner.

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