The Dwarves are a people defined by their ambition. For as long as they have existed, they have sought the sky with tireless vigilance.

Mount NolamEdit

Mount Nolam was the focal point for the skybound ambition of the dwarves. Since the world was young, dwarves had built the mighty spire higher and higher - so high that it has actually begun to pass through the realms of the gods. It is said every dwarven construction contains a piece of the fabled mountain.

Urist BershukarEdit

A charismatic and passionate leader of the dwarves, Urist Bershukar deserved special mention. He led the dwarven people in the construction of Mount Nolam since the early days. His long life and guidance shaped a large portion of dwarven culture. Despite reaching the sky, Urist drove the dwarven race to build beyond their initial goal and extend their reach to greater heights. Urist Bershukar was sealed within a grand tomb in the highest tower of the dwarven lands, the former site of the fabled Mt. Nolam.