Faeli are the oldest mortal race of creation, brought into being by Artis while the world was still young. One of the more numerous races, they have spread across the great continent of Hope and live in gentle harmony with the land around them. Physically, Faeli are identical to what one would recognize as elves but with green-tinted skin and hair. They are skilled carpenters and craftsmen, as well as talented woodsmen.

The Faeli were struck hardest by the invasion of the restless dead, and were forced to learn the arts of war to protect themselves. Now Faeli warriors are common, and rare is the Faeli who is not taught how to defend himself from a young age. The Faeli were also gifted the secrets of divine magic by Aevum the Lifegiver, and many of them have become quite adept at its use for both healing and combat against the walking dead.

Physically, Faeli are slender and graceful, with sharply pointed ears and large almond-shaped eyes. Gifted by their goddess with beautiful forms and fine features, rare is the Faeli who is not pleasing to the eye. Males and females are roughly comparable in size, and neither gender grows facial or body hair. Their clothing is beautiful and well made, as befits the children of Artis, and they are known for their careful grooming and hygiene. Faeli do not sleep as most creatures do, instead entering a form of dream-like trance for roughly four hours a day that refreshes them as much as sleeping does for other races. They are a long-lived race, and rare is the Faeli who passes from age. Most are instead taken by violence.

Faeli Racial TraitsEdit

Faeli are identical to elves in the PHB except as follows.
Peaceful and deeply insightful by nature, Faeli heroes recieve -2 to their Strength and Constitution scores, and +2 to their Dexterity and Wisdom.
Faeli heroes are most often Clerics, Paladins or Rangers. Their favored class is Cleric.