Halflings are the servants/slaves of Darrmoon the Ever-Starving Maw. Their divine task is to toil under their gluttonous god and provide for him the endless amounts of food that he requires. The small creatures scurry about Darrmoon's realm preparing new meals for him under the fires of massive ever-burning ovens, hoping to avoid their lord's attention, for he has no issues with devouring them as well. Theirs is a miserable lot.

Halflings are small in stature, and often quite thin... as most of the food they prepare goes to their ravenous lord. They stand at roughly 3' tall and weigh between 30 and 35 pounds on average. Halfling's almost always have curly hair upon their heads, often in brown or reddish hues, and sprouting from the tops of their feet. Due to the slave-like conditions they must endure and their alarmingly high mortality rate, halflings are morose and depressing individuals, fond of black humor and finding it difficult to get attached to others who may be gone at any moment.

Halfings are native to the Dining Room, a massive festhall that rests in the Abyss. They do not venture from it's confines, and have numerous superstitions and stories about the horrors that lurk outside in the dark water. Being banished from their well-lit home into the Abyss itself is seen as a death sentence (Well... a QUICKER death sentence) and most halflings have a deep and profound fear of the dark.

Halflings are small, but quick, lest they be swept up by their ravenous master. They recieve a -2 to Strength and a +2 to Dexterity. Halflings are usually non-combatant Experts, but a halfling that managed to escape servitude to it's master would likely lean towards the Rogue class.