The kobolds are a reclusive folk with draconic blood. They worship Solaron and Minrhet but also greatly revere Martu and Namtar, the two dragon deities. Most kobolds aspire to one day become dragons themselves.

There are two subspecies of kobold, the Dragonwrought and the Prismatic. Dragonwrought are the direct servants of powerful dragons and are created by them. Prismatics are the fanatic worshipers of Solaron imparted with a portion of his Light.

Prismatic KoboldsEdit

When the world went dark at the death of the Sun Which Was, it was the then-infant Solaron and his twin Minrhet who were the first to bring light and hope back to the world. Along with the Arctic Faeli, the kobolds in their mountain ranges were among the first to accept the new gods. The majority of the mountain-dwellers sided with Minrhet and joined him in the Burning Caverns. But not all. Roygbv Had visited with a clan of kobolds and proseltyzed among them for generations. When the great dragon was slain, they decided to follow his last message to the letter: "Seek always the Li-" He was cut off mid-sentence, but the kobolds faithfully boarded the last remaining airship and began to follow the Light in the horizon.

It took several generations before their journey was completed, and in the intervening time the Solar Ring was born and light restored to the world. Still they pursued that eternal glow on the southern horizon. When at last they arrived, the airship teeming to overflowing with the product of generations of fecund breeding in an enclosed space, the nomads were greeted personally by Solaron. Their time with the dragon had changed them, a small fragment of that dragon's power having been absorbed into the kobolds themselves, morphing their physiology. By the time they had reached their new home, their hides had permanently and indelibly taken on the rainbow hues of the mighty dragons of Light.

prismatic kobold stats:

+2 cha, +2 con, -2 str, -2 int. Though their draconic heritage boosts the histrically fragile bodies of the kobolds and imparts them with relatively greater strength, they lack any sort of schooling and have underedeveloped resoning skills.

small size

+1 natural armor

dragonwrought(prismatic) as a bonus feat. Prismatic kobolds age normally, however.